Economic Development & Environmental Protections 2017-04-15T17:13:32+00:00

Economic Development & Environmental Protections

  • joshua cole and cafe employeesEnsuring higher paying jobs are brought to the 28th District. This will eliminate long work commutes and allowing citizens to spend more time with their families.
  • Increasing the State Minimum Wage.
  • Fighting for measures that will ease traffic along the Fredericksburg I-95 Corridor.
  • Creating viable local travel routes to keep locals from being snared by through traffic.
  • Continued protection of our Historical and Sacred Virginia lands.
  • Fighting against fracking.
  • Advocating against pipelines.
  • Creating steep fines and ramifications for companies who continue to pollute our beautiful Virginian environment.

As a lifelong resident of Stafford County, Joshua personally knows the struggles and issues that face the 28th House District. Joshua is seeking your vote in order to properly represent those whom politicians have forgotten and looked over. He seeks to be their voice, a voice of change and new direction for all people in the 28th District.